Skan: Heralding a new revolution in process mining and discovery

Skan is a cognitive technology startup redefining business process discovery to empower large enterprises to uncover, untangle, and unleash their business processes.

Skan’s offering accelerates and optimizes intelligent automation, digital transformation, and helps define the future of work.

Our unique approach leverages computer vision, deep learning, and machine intelligence to observe, learn, assemble, and optimize business processes without intrusion or integration. The output in the form of a process metamodel and digital process twins makes it a breeze to model, simulate, and measure the future state in a sandbox.

Skan’s founding team is a blend of entrepreneurs, technologists, data scientists, and AI experts – all well versed in the challenges and opportunities at large enterprises with complex business and IT landscapes.

The genesis of Skan is rooted in the practical experience of our founders while working on automation and transformation projects for Fortune 500 companies.

Skan Investors

Zetta Ventures
Bloomberg Beta
Firebolt Ventures

Zetta Ventures, Bloomberg Beta, and Firebolt Ventures are supporting Skan.AI’s quest to re-invent the process mining space with an innovative approach leveraging computer vision and machine intelligence to unveil the invisible enterprise and unlock value in automation and transformation efforts.

Representing the investors, Jocelyn Goldfein of Zetta Ventures joined Skan’s board of directors.

We are assembling a team of iconoclasts and innovators who thrive in a collegial and collaborative environment. If you are interested in shaping the future of work and enabling enterprise transformation, join us in our journey.

If you are interested in any aspects of Skan – sales, biz dev, media relations, and partnerships – please contact us.