Skan CPX is an AI-Powered Process Mining and Process Discovery Platform for uncovering, untangling, and unleashing Enterprise business Process.

The Value of Skan CPX Process Discovery Solution:

Skan CPX delivers immediate and enduring results for enterprises with complex processes and expansive business and IT landscapes.

Virtual Process Analyst

Drive Process Transparency

With AI-powered Virtual Process Analyst.

Enterprise Operations

Continuously Calibrate

Enterprise operations with learning machines.


Realize the Future of Work

by synchronizing and orchestrating human-bot teams.

Process Intelligence and Transparency

Streamline Decision-Making

with data-driven process intelligence and transparency

Optimal Automation

Propel Optimal Automation

by discovering and deploying right processes.

How Skan Works?:

Our cognitive process mining and discovery solution uses Computer Vision and Machine Learning to achieve the following:

Unobtrusive Process Capture

Unobtrusive Process Capture

Skan CPX virtual process analyst observes and captures every human and machine interaction unobtrusively and learns continuously. And it does without systems integration or need for APIs. Skan CPX uses computer vision and machine intelligence to power process capture.

Insightful Analysis

Insightful Analysis

Skan interprets and analyzes a range of process metrics that can be a baseline for endeavors like Kaizen (continuous improvement) or comprehensive process re-engineering based on a holistic picture.

Unobtrusive Process Capture

Intelligent Process Discovery

The fact is experts know more than they can tell, and analysts do not go beyond drawing a few boxes and arrows to represent a happy path leaving nuances and subtleties by the wayside. Instead, Skan documents the process variations and nuances leading to complete visibility.

Synchronized Human-Bot Teams

The landscape of the future of work involves human, bots, and robots. Skan CPX is the foundation to orchestrate and synchronize human and automated systems for achieving synergy and process harmony.

Expansive Digital Footprint

Skan CPX compiles the digital exhaust to paint a holistic picture of end-to-end value streams that form the operational foundation for an enterprise. Whether it is Source to Pay, Hire to Retire, Quote to Cash, or Insight to Action, Skan CPX paints the process picture vividly.

Multi-dimensional Process Governance

The current state of process audits by humans - who missed the nuances and variations of the processes in the first place - will perpetuate the same inefficiencies. Skan CPX platform provides for continuous observation and the intelligent machines will assure the guardrails and guidelines are conformed and entire value streams are governed.

Core Features of Skan Process Discovery Platform:

Skan’s AI-powered process mining solutions includes the following essential features.

Observe and Learn
Model and Simulate
Analyze and Improve
Deploy and Orchestrate


  • Human Digital Interactions
  • Process discovery of invisible and dark processes
  • Enterprise Process Metamodel
  • Process Visualization
  • Process analysis
  • Simulation
  • Reengineering
  • Metamodel
  • Digital twins
  • Target Process Design
  • Process Monitoring
  • Compliance/Conformance
  • Orchestration/Execution
  • Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics
  • Dynamic Process Optimization
Measure and Govern
Computer Vision
Machine Learning
Advanced Image Processing
Deep Neural Networks
Decision Mining
Sequence Prediction
Anomaly Detection
Graph Algorithms

How Skan Process Mining Software Benefits the Enterprise:

AI-enabled process discovery, modeling, design, and supervision deliver the following enduring

Understand and implement process re-engineering based on a data driven approach rather than the generic experience of consultant.

Continuously monitor business processes for drift and not depend on once a quarter / year audit.

Automate with confidence and not end up in an endless cycle of fixing bots.

An efficient, accurate, and continuous discovery of business processes.